a blog? Really?

So, here I am.  Back on my blog.  It's been 19 months but what can I say?  A friend talked me into it.  And once again I'm hooked.  The nostalgia of old blog posts is like reading last year's journal only better...because it's edited and complete with pictures!  How could I deny my future self that same pleasure?

Who knows how long my new found blog zeal will live.  Right now, though, I'm willing to take what it gives me today and let tomorrow worry about itself.

I don't think I'm the only one who has mixed feelings about blogs.  They're a mixed bag, they are.  Suddenly the whole world is a pro writer, and nobody is worth reading.  Nobody stands out because everybody stands out and we've all since shut our eyes.  Who said the peasants could have free publishing anyway?  How did this happen?

Still, there is hope.  With promotional software or even just statistical software, the well-visited and desirable may have a chance to come out, out from the heap of dead journal blogs left over from former high schoolers who have now discovered they can't write poetry.  And when those gems do appear, perhaps they'll go to seed and a kindle book will sprout, someday giving seed to -- dare I say it? -- a printed work?  If only.

But let's face it, even in the age of printing, we were piled in worthless reading already.  Before free publishing, was cheap publishing, and that was just as deadening.  Maybe we should go back to scribes and parchment.  What took that long to publish, you knew was worth reading!  If only you knew how to read...hm.