a little about me...

In searching for a picture to suit the true me, I had to bypass every picture of snow and travels and family get togethers, and go back to that sweet summer day with my family.  This is how I see myself: in ragged hippie clothing, soaking wet, covered in sand, splashing with my hubby and son.  I do other things too, like writing painting, woodworking, traveling, cooking, and going on long walks alone with God, but during all that, there is still the crazy, silly, muddy me inside, laughing at the little and large adventures in life.

Everything I do, I do with passion.  I jump into an art or task wholeheartedly, and find it difficult to think about or do anything else until I'm finished.  My excuse: "Inspiration waits for no man."  It makes for a lot of upheaval, but some nice things, too.  Despite the blog title, I am not always happy.  The moods of a passionate and obsessive individual can never be that steady.  But it is the purpose of this blog to bring to my mind -- and perhaps yours -- those specks of heaven God has given us.  His mercies really never end.  They are new every morning.  And his love endures forever.  I hope by reading this you can see that.

As you read my blog posts, remember that what you read is from my very heart.  Every little happy happening springs a gleeful laugh from my lips as I write it, and every sad note a pang of despair.  Oh, and writing is one of my loves, so constructive criticism is welcome. 

God bless you!  Go in peace!


P.S. Watch those categories, on the right; they tend to change!